Welcome to IPRO, the State of Idaho's Electronic Procurement System.
Welcome to the Idaho Electronic Procurement Portal.

Idaho State government is the largest consumer of goods and services in the state. Every year, the State spends millions of dollars for goods, services and capital equipment.

We are facing tough economic times and need to do more with less. Competition in the marketplace is not only a hallmark of our great country; it is also the best way to ensure precious taxpayer dollars are spent wisely.

Idaho is constantly looking for innovative, reliable and competitive suppliers who can demonstrate more efficient and cost-effective ways to satisfy our requirements. Your participation in the procurement opportunities presented here enables you to introduce new and innovative products and services to Idaho while building your business. This competitive process also helps repair and strengthen our economy.

Idaho welcomes you to participate in the opportunity to supply the products and services necessary to serve our citizens.

Governor C. L. 'Butch' Otter
How to use this site
Finding Opportunities.
To display a list of all current solicitations click on the Bid Opportunities tab above. To open and view solicitations, enter your User ID and Password in the IPRO Vendor Login space on the right. When your account opens, click on the Agency Opportunities tab and then on the RFQ, RFB, RFP, or RFI sub-tab to show a list open solicitations. More detailed information on accessing solicitations is available in this tutorial: Instructions for Accessing Bidding Opportunities in IPRO.

Viewing Responses.

Bidding results for most solicitations are available online soon after the solicitation closes. Follow the instructions in this short tutorial:

How to View Responses to Solicitations.

IPRO Registration.

If you are not yet registered in the system, click on the IPRO Vendor Registration tab above to start the process. Help with registration and managing your IPRO account is available at 800-614-0563 x 201 for customer service. Registered vendors receive automatic email alerts of opportunities based on their profile.

Recommended Reading and Training.

Click on the How to Do Business with the State link in the IPRO Resources area to the right.

Click on the State Vendor Training link in the IPRO Resources area to the right.

Have questions or need more information.

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